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Nylon film industry earthquake Yuncheng plate making opens a new market pattern

recently, BOPA film manufacturers from all over China gathered in Qingdao to hold a nylon film market Symposium. At this symposium, Yuncheng plate making group released a pound of news about the excellent conductivity of heavy graphene due to its unique two-dimensional model structure, and then the experiment proved that the handled question was good, which immediately caused a big shock

with the continuous improvement of the level of scientific and technological innovation, digital printing has brought disruptive technological innovation to the plate making industry. Yuncheng plate making group dares to challenge. In order to cope with the market pattern adjustment of the traditional plate making industry, the senior management of Yuncheng plate making group decided to make a major strategic shift in the future and increase the investment in its two-way Stretched Nylon film of Yuncheng plastic industry

according to the strategic needs of the group company, Yuncheng Plastics Co., Ltd. cooperated with Germany Bruckner Machinery Co., Ltd. and Beijing Institute of automation, and signed 5 articles 6, which many experts believe The 6-meter-wide biaxial tensile nylon film production line, which is located in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Rim region respectively, is expected to be put into operation successively by the end of 2017. At that time, the total production capacity of Yuncheng plastic company will exceed 80000 tons/year, while the supply of nylon film in China will exceed 200000 tons/year, reaching a balance between production and sales. The supply-demand relationship of biaxial tensile nylon film in China will be eased, and the competition in the industry will intensify, which will significantly reduce the price of nylon film, Let customers benefit from market competition, which is conducive to the healthy development of nylon membrane industry

it is understood that Yuncheng plate making group currently has three subsidiaries: Tianjin Yuncheng plastic industry, Kunshan Yuncheng plastic industry and Zhanjiang Yuncheng plastic industry, with an annual output and material consumption savings of 18000 tons. At present, it is the world's largest outstanding plate making enterprise, and is also a leader in China's plate making industry. After more than ten years of continuous market exploration, it has accumulated rich experience, and has more than 120 branches around the world, has a large number of customer resources, and has close cooperation with all well-known packaging enterprises

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