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SASAC of Guangdong Province: there is no punishment for the problem of the dining box of fosu shares.

in an interview with this newspaper yesterday, SASAC of Guangdong Province said that in response to the "illegal use of waste materials to make dining boxes" of fosu branch, SASAC attaches great importance to the fact that the button on the screw is located in the key slot of the pendulum, and is currently urging and following up the implementation, The first flight of ag600 large fire fighting/relief amphibious aircraft will be realized in the near future, but no penalty measures will be taken at present. "The head of SASAC was already involved in this matter, and now we are also waiting for the handling opinions of its controlling shareholders, and the key is to prevent reoffending"

it is reported that the controlling shareholder of fosu is Guangxin Foreign Trade Group Co., Ltd., which owns 20.78% equity of fosu, and Guangxin foreign trade group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong SASAC

as of the closing of the A-share market yesterday, the share price of fosu fell by -4.75%. In the plastic sector, it can be described as a disaster area. Analysts in the plastic chemical industry believe that fosu shares have been impacted by the violation. However, the poor performance of the market yesterday has also become the reason for dragging down the share price of fosu. In the long run, this violation should not have a great impact on fosu shares, But the loss of its image needs time to make up

Buddha Plastic Co., Ltd. has issued an announcement the night before yesterday admitting that Hongji branch illegally used waste materials to make foam lunch boxes. The joint stock company has said that it will set up an incident investigation and handling task force to thoroughly investigate the incident and seriously investigate the relevant persons. At the same time, it has instructed Honghua company to immediately terminate the production and operation of all disposable foam tableware and spare no effort to recover the issued defective products for destruction

in an interview with this newspaper, an authoritative person of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Guangdong Province admitted that the social impact of the Buddha plastic shares was indeed greater than the economic benefits, and it also caused harm to its controlling shareholders. The state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission will supervise the whole process of this matter, and Guangxin foreign trade should also take measures


on August 10, CCTV reported that Hongji branch of fosu Plastic Co., Ltd. illegally used waste materials to make foaming lunch boxes, with a monthly output of 1000 tons, that is, about 200million disposable foaming plastic tableware in the automotive field are produced every month. And the company treats domestic sales differently from exports. Basically, no waste is added to the exported tableware, while the domestic tableware is added with waste particles made of "foreign garbage" to varying degrees. Fosu Co., Ltd. recently issued an announcement admitting that the branch is suspected of illegally adding recycled materials to produce some medium and low-grade disposable foaming tableware products

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