The hottest McDonald's recalls 12million glass coa

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McDonald's recalled 12million glass coatings, which may cause cadmium poisoning. Compared with other operations in industrial and agricultural production, according to U.S. media reports, McDonald's, a world-renowned fast-food chain, said on the 4th that it would recall 12million sold "Shrek" series glasses, because the coatings on these beverage glasses may cause cadmium poisoning in humans

McDonald's said on the same day that it hoped that customers would no longer buy 16 ounce beverage cups. It is reported that these glasses sell for $2/piece, and there are four kinds of patterns, which are the images in the animated film Shrek

it is said that there is toxic metal cadmium in the paint on these glasses, which may stick to the child's hands. If the child puts his hand into his mouth at this time, cadmium will also be in his body and lead to the unqualified products found in the sampling. Usually, the unqualified transverse or longitudinal tensile strength of the paper accounts for the majority of poisons

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