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Market demand forecast of glass fiber industry

the application field of glass fiber products and glass fiber composites Association involves all aspects of economic activities, and its market supply and demand are mainly affected by macro-economy. Driven by the economic recovery and the return of the composite material industry to the growth track, the global glass fiber production capacity and demand will continue to promote each other, and the global glass fiber industry will maintain an orderly balance between supply and demand. In the future, the market will reproduce the situation that the supply of glass fiber products and glass fiber composites exceeds the demand. We also need to pay attention to the normal protection of experimental machines

1. Market demand

(1) international market demand

the United States and the European Union are the main export markets of China's glass fiber. It is expected that the demand for glass fiber from the European and American markets will continue to grow with the economic recovery. Lucintel, a major manufacturer of Jinan new era assay Instruments Co., Ltd., said in its comprehensive research report on the impact of the 2009 economic stimulus plan on composite materials and related markets that in the $787billion economic stimulus plan for oil free outflow of oil return pipe launched by the U.S. government, the $103billion investment for the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" is likely to affect the final application market of composite materials, The cumulative benefits to the composite market may exceed $1.46 billion. In addition, according to the latest research report of Freedonia group, which predicts the economy of the United States, the total demand of the U.S. glass fiber market will reach 8.1 billion pounds by 2011 (about 3.67 million tons, including 1.36 million tons of continuous glass fiber), and the total price will reach $7billion. By 2013, the average annual growth rate of the U.S. glass fiber market demand will reach 2.3%, and the annual growth rate of the composite material market will reach 2.8%, which is much higher than the domestic economic growth rate of the United States

in 2010, the global production capacity was about 4.6 million tons, with an increase of 6.1% in 2011. The production capacity was 4.88 million tons and 6.97 million tons in 2015. In terms of demand, with the economic recovery, the glass fiber industry began to usher in a boom cycle. In 2010, the global demand for glass fiber was about 4.35 million tons, and the growth rate of glass fiber demand is expected to be 11% - 12% in the next two years. From the perspective of supply and demand, it is expected that the supply and demand of the global glass fiber industry will be tight in

Chart 1 global glass fiber production capacity and demand forecast

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glass fiber felt products are widely used in the United States and the European Union. Glass fiber wet felt has developed rapidly as a roof waterproof material. At present, the glass fiber building waterproof materials in European countries have accounted for 45% to 50% of the total building waterproof materials, while the United States is as high as 80%. In addition to the expansion of waterproof application, the coated felt made of wet felt is also used as gypsum board reinforcement and pasting fabric. The annual amount of gypsum board used in the United States is 3billion square meters, and the amount of coated felt faced gypsum board accounts for about 1/10. In addition, glass fiber felt products are also widely used in car roofs, FRP products, CEM-3 copper clad plates, high-strength composite floors, large pipe cans and many other products. In addition to the demand of Europe and the United States, the FRP market in Russia is also developing rapidly, and its development speed is the world average 5 times; Among the newly laid large and medium-sized water pipes and sewage pipes in Japan, the glass fiber reinforced plastic sand pipe accounts for about 0%, and the utilization technology of graphene quantum battery has been overcome; FRP pipes and tanks are also used in the Middle East

therefore, the global glass fiber industry will recover as a whole with the recovery of the world economy

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