Hottest 2013 Henan pump car rental Market Research

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2013 Henan pump car rental Market Research Report

2013 Henan pump car rental Market Research Report

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Guide: concrete is used more and more because of its rich raw materials, low price and simple production process. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of high compressive strength, good durability and wide range of strength grades. These characteristics make it widely used, not only in various civil engineering, but also in shipbuilding, machinery

concrete is used more and more because of its rich raw materials, low price and simple production process. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of high compressive strength, good durability and wide range of strength grades. These characteristics make it widely used. It is not only used in various civil engineering, but also an important material necessary for shipbuilding, machinery industry, marine development, Geothermal Engineering and other projects. Concrete has become one of the most important civil engineering materials in contemporary times. The broad market demand has expedited the rapid development of China's concrete pump truck industry, forging a large number of excellent national enterprises of concrete series products. With the acquisition of CIFA by Zoomlion, the acquisition of elephant by SANY, and the purchase of schweiying by XCMG, all the world's three major concrete pump truck manufacturing giants are under the respective control of Chinese manufacturers, laying the leading position of China's concrete pump truck industry in the global market. The rapid development of concrete pump truck industry has attracted wide attention both inside and outside the industry. Then, what is the business situation of its end users? This is directly related to the healthy development of the concrete pump truck industry. Therefore, construction machinery magazine made a special trip to the pump car rental market in Henan Province, hoping to have a glimpse and see the whole leopard

overview of concrete demand

Henan Province is an important economic province in China. In 2012, the total GDP ranked fifth in the country and first in the central and western regions. The Central Plains Economic Zone with Henan as the main body is the fourth largest economic zone in China. According to the "12th Five Year Plan for the development of modern integrated transportation system in Henan Province" issued in February 2013, the investment in transportation infrastructure construction in Henan Province during the "achievements to be reported in the 12th Five Year Plan" period was 392.5 billion yuan. Among them, railway is 142billion yuan, highway is 198.5 billion yuan (expressway is 100billion yuan, trunk highway is 58billion yuan, rural highway is 36.5 billion yuan, transportation station is 4billion yuan), pipeline is 20billion yuan. This makes the concrete pump car rental market in Henan representative

Wangchen, head of Henan Donghai Concrete Co., Ltd., told that the projects with the greatest demand for concrete in Zhengzhou in recent years were concentrated in underground pipeline engineering fields such as subway and lake bottom crossing tunnel. In addition, high-speed rail, highway, viaduct, real estate and other projects on the ground are also the main positions of concrete. These projects make the current annual demand for concrete in Zhengzhou more than 40million M

taking the subway project with huge demand for concrete as an example, the Zhengzhou rail transit line plan released by Zhengzhou Metro shows that Zhengzhou Metro is composed of the next six rail transit lines, with a total length of 202.53km and a total investment of more than 100billion yuan. A chessboard structure of "three horizontal, two vertical and one ring" will be formed in the central urban area of Zhengzhou. The Zhengzhou municipal government organized to fix the samples. The rail transit line plan revised by the relevant departments at the end of 2012 shows that the number of revised lines has increased from 6 to 17 (including municipal lines). It is expected that the total mileage of rail transit in the long term (around 2050) will reach more than 640km

market situation of pump car rental

after visiting many local concrete pump car operators in Henan in recent years, it is generally understood that under the condition of a minimum of 4000m, the rent for pumping 1m concrete locally is yuan, and some pump car retail investors as long as they have work, they have no requirement for the minimum, and each party will even work for 13 yuan. If the rent is calculated on a monthly basis, Party A shall bear the pump truck oil fee. The monthly rent of local 37m, 41m, 46m, 48m, 52m and 56m pump trucks is about 70000, 75000, 80000, 90000, 105000 and 170000 respectively. The monthly rental price of pump cars will also show differentiated characteristics due to different regions and rental enterprises. With the rapid development of urban construction, the market demand for pump trucks below 46m is shrinking, and the utilization rate of pump trucks above 46m is getting higher and higher. Take the 42m pump truck that is still in use in Zhengzhou pump truck industry as an example. If Party A bears the oil fee, the monthly rent of the pump truck is about 75000 yuan. If calculated according to the volume, the pump truck of the regular mixing plant registered in Zhengzhou can generally pump 10000 m of concrete every month, with a monthly income of 10000 yuan. The equipment cost can be basically recovered in about five years

with the increasing demand for concrete in urban development in previous years, many upstream manufacturing enterprises have joined the pump truck manufacturing business, competing to expand production capacity. However, with the gradual dilution of the dividend of the national economic stimulus policy and the sharp increase of the pressure on equipment sales, various credit sales means have emerged, and the lower and lower entry threshold "attracts" a large number of self-employed households to rush into the concrete pump car rental industry. These end-user groups present completely different business conditions from large-scale user groups such as mixing plants

the majority of retail investors who "buy their own pump trucks and rely on leasing for profit" are far from the scale of operation of the mixing plant, especially the individuals who have just entered the industry in the past two years. Due to lack of sufficient industry experience, they rashly entered the industry without in-depth research on the pump truck leasing market, mostly with the original intention of making more wealth, but often get the bitter fruit of poverty caused by wealth, This situation is particularly evident in the pump car rental industry in some prefecture level cities

manager Li Shangren of Henan Sanmenxia construction equipment leasing company entered the concrete industry in 2004 and has nearly 10 years of experience in pump car leasing. He told that the annual demand for concrete in Sanmenxia City is basically maintained at 10000 M. taking 37m pump car as an example, the rent of 1m is 18 yuan, and the net profit can reach 8 yuan at most. Generally, it takes 300000 m of concrete to pump to recover the investment cost of the equipment. If the cost is calculated in five years, Then 60000 m of concrete needs to be pumped every year, with an average monthly workload of 5000m. Based on this calculation, under the ideal state of supply and demand balance, the annual demand for pump trucks in Sanmenxia City is between sets. At present, the number of pump trucks in Sanmenxia City is as high as about 150, which is far greater than the market demand, in a serious oversaturation state, and the market competition is extremely fierce

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