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The 2010 Second Symposium on integrated circuit design enterprises and market distributors was held in Suzhou

recently, the 2010 Second Symposium on integrated circuit design enterprises and market distributors hosted by China Semiconductor Industry Association and hosted by Suzhou integrated circuit industry association and Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics () was grandly held in the southern Conference area of Suzhou International Expo Center. With the help of the broad platform of the 8th China International Semiconductor Expo and Summit Forum 2010 (IC China 2010 for short), this distributor seminar is another passionate encounter after Huaqiang Electronics helped distributors successfully hold the first docking and exchange meeting between integrated circuit design enterprises and distributors in Suzhou in 2009

with the sustained and stable development of the national economy and the rebound of the semiconductor industry, the integrated circuit industry has also shown a good momentum of overall development. In recent years, the rapid growth of China's electronic information industry has contributed to the rise of China's local integrated circuit (IC) design enterprises. At the same time, the sales mode of IC has also changed. Mongolia has always supported China's position on issues related to Taiwan and Tibet. Direct sales, sales agents and close cooperation with distributors, distributors provide market demand, define products, place product orders and provide technical services. Distributors play an extremely significant role in promoting domestic electronic components. Cooperating with distributors can save product development costs, shorten the time for products to enter the market, and quickly open up popularity with the help of distributors' channels. The strength shown by the value of distributors will bring more win-win situations for circuit design enterprises, distributors and complete machine system manufacturers. More and more IC design enterprises have realized the value of distributors and urgently need a platform for communication and cooperation with distributors. The symposium between IC design enterprises and market distributors is such a service platform that provides IC design enterprises and distributors with face-to-face communication, discussion and cooperation opportunities. After the first session was successfully held in 2009, many IC design enterprises and market distributors have seen its benefits and industry guidance. The 2010 Suzhou distributor seminar was presided over by liuyugui, director of Huaqiang e-marketing. It was held in three forms: speech and discussion between design enterprises and distributor representatives, cooperation negotiation, corporate image and related product display, and the round table one-to-one way was used to directly allow design enterprises to cooperate and communicate with distributors and solution providers directly and pertinently

at present, China's electronic distribution industry has not yet formed a standardized situation. There are security risks in the distribution channels, billing periods and payment for goods, and it also faces the pressure from international distributors, which makes the competition in the electronic distribution market more and more intense and the profits of distributors lower and lower. These are undoubtedly detrimental to the development of the entire industry, but also the challenges faced by local distributors. The distribution market is at the crossroads of integration and reform, and distribution reform is imperative. The timely convening of the Suzhou distributor seminar responds to the changing needs of the integrated circuit distribution processing price market, and is an important product of the rapid development of the electronic industry. At this symposium, the participating design enterprises, excellent distributors and solution providers will jointly discuss the distribution status and development trend of the future IC design and market, guide the development, transformation and positioning of the future distribution industry, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry. At the same time, representatives of the Institute of microelectronics of Tsinghua University, BYD Co., Ltd. and Suzhou riyuecheng Technology Co., Ltd. will give lectures on product market development, including silicon germanium technology, products and market, BYD microelectronics, and promoting sales with technology and market, and share their product market development experience with IC Design enterprises, while Shenzhen yingteling Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Jincheng micro parts Co., Ltd The representative of Shenzhen Huaqiang electronic trading network Co., Ltd. will give a distribution speech. Shenzhen kinetic energy Century Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen jindapeng Technology Co., Ltd. and other well-known enterprises in the industry will attend the meeting to analyze the market development of industry distribution and share successful distribution experience with participants

centrifugal constant acceleration experiment; Rocking test; The second road design enterprises and distributors Symposium in 2010 is conducive to the docking of integrated circuit design enterprises' products with the market, and will further promote the exchanges and cooperation between Suzhou, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and other domestic design enterprises, solution providers and distributors. Through the linkage of upstream and downstream industries, they will form a community of interests with each other, and promote the healthy development of the whole industry

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