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The development and forecast analysis of China's high-voltage inverter market in 2013

from the market performance in 2012, the decline in domestic demand led to abnormal competition, which seriously affected the sales price of high-voltage inverter, while the cost of manpower and fixed expenditure remained high, causing a two-way squeeze on the profit space of products. The profits of general-purpose high-voltage inverter have declined seriously, so some enterprises study standardized products to achieve mass production in order to reduce costs; The profit margin of high-performance high-voltage inverter is less affected, so some foreign-funded enterprises gradually shrink the general-purpose market and increase investment in the high-performance market

no, it is an advanced micro processing technology that turns digital computer models into solid objects by establishing many extremely thin layers. It is predicted that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China will start the pilot work of building national major innovation bases in the fields of smart electricity and UHV, high-speed trains, new energy vehicles, deep-sea engineering, etc., generally 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% of the calibrated Zui heavy load and zero point. The Ministry of science and technology and the national development and Reform Commission issued the 12th Five Year Plan for the construction of national major innovation bases, and smart electricity and UHV were shortlisted for the construction of national major innovation bases. National major 5. The innovation base during the intermission of reversing metallographic microscope work refers to a new innovation organization with advanced facilities, excellent talents, efficient operation and international first-class level, aiming at achieving the national strategic objectives, promoting the close connection of all links of innovation, realizing major innovation, and accelerating the transformation and diffusion of achievements

sound puts forward very high and specific requirements for the emission of various particles and harmful gases, which states:

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