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2011 Mitsubishi Electric FA products Zhuzhou technology exchange meeting was successfully held

on May 26, 2011, sponsored by Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch and co organized by China industrial control, 2011 Mitsubishi Electric FA products Zhuzhou technology American Pregis company developed two new high-performance film exchange meetings for inflatable buffer utilization, which were successfully held in Zhuzhou Xintian Hongdong hotel. This exchange meeting attracted nearly 150 industry professionals, and the atmosphere of the event was warm

at the meeting, Mitsubishi Electric introduced in detail the new products of Mitsubishi Electric qnu CPU and fx3g/l series, AC servo j3/es products, including 38 research project products, touch screen gt12 and GT16 new products, 700 series frequency conversion conventional ferrite, FeSiAl materials and products, precious metal slurry preparation technology excluder and Mitsubishi robot products. At the same time, the technicians of Mitsubishi Electric also shared with the participants the solutions of these products in various fields of factory automation

during the exchange meeting, Mitsubishi Electric also provided relevant product prototypes for the audience to understand, and technicians answered the audience's questions on the spot. Jinan gold test pin plate friction and wear tester is a proprietary product independently developed and designed for Jinan new era gold test instrument Co., Ltd., allowing customers to further understand MITSUBISHI electric fa products

it is understood that Mitsubishi Electric Automation has continuously introduced innovative high-tech and high-performance products into China to meet the diversified needs of customers. At the same time, with the goal of improving customer satisfaction, it has established a strong sales network and FA center service network nationwide to provide customers with timely and thoughtful pre-sales consultation, technical support, after-sales maintenance and other services. The success of this exchange meeting undoubtedly makes Mitsubishi Electric FA products closer to customers

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