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During the great leap forward of global industrial robots: what are Chinese industrial robots doing

China's industrial robot industry has developed rapidly recently, and has become the world's largest industrial robot application market for many years. The four major industrial robots. 2. Spring fatigue experimental motor: it is the engine family that controls the operation of spring fatigue experimental machine components. The domestic industrial robot enterprises have also grown from dozens to thousands in just a few years, mixed with countless speculative companies

however, at the beginning of 2017, Qu Daokui, President of Xinsong, a leading domestic industrial robot enterprise, said in an interview that less than 10% of China's more than 3000 robot enterprises are really doing industrial robots, and the rest don't know what they are doing, but just fill in a concept and want to be a pig with a tuyere

at the same time of the great leap forward of global industrial robots, what are Chinese industrial robots doing? This is a question worth pondering. Is it system integration for the processing of four families? Or are you studying black technology? Or fight each other

we can interpret it from the following aspects:

interpretation from data

according to the data statistics of China robot industry alliance: in 2015, the sales volume of China's industrial robots market was 68459, the sales volume of domestic industrial robots was 22257, and the sales volume of domestic industrial robots was about 16000, that is to say, the sales volume of real domestic industrial robots was 6000, which was distributed to 3000 domestic industrial robot manufacturers, In other words, each domestic manufacturer manufactures and sells 2 sets! This also confirms president Qu's words. I don't know what everyone is doing

lack of core components

the overall number of robots in China is not small, but China has a large population. In fact, on average, the coverage of robots in China is still very low. This is not the key. The most fatal thing is that domestic robots only have a share of 6000 units in the domestic market, and they basically rely on imports in the fields of medium and high-end servo motors, controllers, reducers and other core parts, Also make domestic industrial machinery "Since the modification in 2007, the cost of robots has increased, and it cannot compete with Japanese manufacturers such as FANUC, Yaskawa, Kawasaki!

in the field of traditional industrial robots, China feels that it is impossible to surpass in the short term, except for resource integration like Midea's acquisition of KUKA. Whether it is the body of robots, or the core parts and components such as servo motors, reducers and controllers, it is basically impossible for China to achieve complete integration in the next 10 years Autonomy

so the problem then comes. At present, all standards are formulated every day. The work plan) has been fully launched. Since the core parts of robots in the machine replacement are imported, how can this policy accomplish its original intention and realize the growth of local robots

the current machine replacement is not a real industrial upgrading, but only a partial and small-scale adjustment. It simply adds some robot hands to replace the simple work of front-line industrial workers. After the replacement and refitting of machinery and equipment, how should the local robot industry develop

what China's industrial robots should do:

connect China's Internet advantages, and comprehensively transform and informatization by using Internet thinking from the production link, marketing link and management link

do scientific research in a down-to-earth manner, tackle key technical problems of industrial robot reducer

develop new materials for industrial use, get rid of the silly image of servo motors as soon as possible

develop industrial electronic chips, and manufacture their own industrial control core and servo algorithm

of course, I believe that in 10 years, after the brutal growth period, the industrial robot market will also mature, including abb, KUKA Mitsubishi is a national intelligent modeling enterprise that deeply cultivates technology

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