China's iron ore import hit the second highest in

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In July, China's iron ore imports hit the second highest on record

according to the data of the General Administration of Customs of China, iron ore imports in July increased by 8.29% month on month to 88.4 million tons, hitting the second highest level on record. Although the year-on-year growth rate was only 2.7%, according to statistics, the cumulative rolling value of China's iron ore imports in the past 12 months was as high as 996 million tons, the highest in history. Most of them are from porthedland, Australia. The data shows that the external dependence of iron ore is 86.7%. In July, the import of copper ore and its concentrate was 1.38 million tons, although the month on month increase was only 2.22%, but the year-on-year growth rate was as high as 42.27%, which made the cumulative import growth rate in the first seven months more than 35%. The import of unwrought copper and copper products was 360000 tons, with a month on month decrease of 14.29% and a year-on-year increase of 2.86%. The smaller the polymerization degree of imported PVC in the first seven months, the elimination method: clean the pendulum bearing, toothed rod, pointer and thread wheel by 19.31%

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