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Thinking about the development of IOT: Although the industry is hot, there are no successors.

in the four-year student career of University, the junior year is a very obvious dividing line, especially for a tentative major like IOT, students may be busy with games and confusion in their freshman and sophomore years, but once they enter the junior year, all courses are directly related to future employment, and even the most fun loving people will start to pay close attention to the dynamics and development of IOT, Besides, consider the future employment opportunities

the development of IOT in 2013 in the eyes of the media

with the popularity of mobile payment in China, QR code has also become a very familiar consumption tool. From fast shopping to commodity traceability, the wide application of QR code has greatly promoted the informatization of commodity circulation, and the establishment of QR code industry alliance has also added a lot of color to the development of IOT

the cloud computing host adopts a horizontal structure, which can be said to be the first technology to be applied in IOT. In 2013, the cloud service industry has developed steadily, and has made great achievements in streaming media services and other fields abroad. In China, due to the participation of network giants such as Baidu and Huawei, it has also grown very rapidly

iot experienced ups and downs in 2013, but on the whole, it continued to heat up. Among them, the development of QR code and cloud computing is the most dazzling place. Neither intelligent transportation with little effect nor smart home with little practice can hide their brilliance. As IOT students, naturally, such as the international organization for Standardization (ISO), the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), the American Association for the advancement of medical devices (AAMI) and the China National Standardization Administration (SAC) are also bathed in it, but we are separated from this brilliance by a layer of glass

the development of IOT in 2013 in the eyes of students

as a student who is about to graduate in another year, the author is naturally most concerned about the impact of the development trend of IOT industry on the graduation proportion: the job opportunities after 1.36g/cm. Unfortunately, the most popular terms such as cloud computing, big data, RFID and so on have not appeared in the course at all, not to mention big concepts such as intelligent transportation and intelligent furniture

as the author is the first batch of students majoring in IOT, there is no employment situation of previous graduates to compare. In terms of the development of IOT in 2013, if the author does not take the postgraduate entrance examination after graduation, he will basically be useless in the field of IOT and can only engage in traditional work such as software development. The bright future of IOT for professional students is more like sunshine for bugs in glass bottles. The future is bright and the road is impassable

the current situation of the first batch of IOT students

after two and a half years of study, the author's feelings about IOT major can be summarized in the words of chaos and miscellaneous. It is said that chaos is because the arrangement of courses is very chaotic, and the advanced course of data structure is opened before even finishing learning C language, which has caused many difficulties for students' learning; The reason for this is that the curriculum is not focused and is too comprehensive. We have to learn almost everything about software and hardware. With limited time and energy, this kind of comprehensive development can only develop into comprehensive mediocrity

this educational model not only wastes educational resources, but also scares the fact that in the past few years of the rapid development of IOT, qualified talents have not been cultivated, which may make the IOT industry fall into the dilemma of no successor

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